Grinder for grass

Grinder for grass

Is a grass grinder really necessary or is it a waste of money and another item that just takes up space? In order to answer in the affirmative, it is enough to try this simple device once. Although among the options offered today there are advanced ones, with several cameras, their use is not at all complicated. Let’s take a closer look at what a grinder is, what its features and advantages are, and how you can do without it.

Why do we need a grinder?
Grinder, also known as a crusher, as the name already makes clear, is a device for crushing something. In fact, it is a pocket grinder used to grind cannabis cones before smoking or steaming. The crusher is equipped with cutting teeth that grind the contents of the chamber together. The well-shredded stuff burns through, releasing the maximum of substances that the whole thing was started for. That is, the maximum benefit and pleasure is squeezed out of a minimum of grass, and all this thanks to several revolutions of the mill. Hence, there are a number of advantages of using a grinder:

All particles are obtained with the same fineness of grind. The uniformity of combustion increases efficiency, which gives some savings in product.

If the version with several chambers, sieves and a compartment for crumbled kief is used, not a single precious grain will be lost.

Grinder saves time, because it takes much more time to properly grind the stuff by hand.

Safe and hygienic. Grinding in a grinder will not stain your hands and will not leave the smell of marijuana on them.

As long as the grinder is not opened, nothing will happen to the stuff, which makes this device also a convenient means of safe transportation and storage of the ground cones.

And these are just the main points answering why you need a grinder. Today this device, and even more than one, is firmly established in the arsenal of accessories true connoisseur of quality marijuana.

Simple as two, or the use of a grinder.
The device is simple and easy to use. It is enough to remove the lid, put in the chamber between the teeth and gently press a piece of cone, placing its main mass closer to the edges. It happens that the center of the device is equipped with a magnetic lock, which prevents arbitrary opening of the lid, and in this part the grass may not grind as evenly.

Then you need to close the lid and several times to turn in the opposite direction of the upper part of the grinder relative to the lower. As a rule, this is enough for the resistance to disappear, which will indicate that the stuff is shredded and ready.

Open the lid. In the single-chamber version, the staff should be carefully poured out on the paper. However, in more advanced devices, the shredded grass will be in the chamber under the teeth, and the crumbled kif will accumulate in its compartment, even lower. By the way, to extract it, some models are supplied with a small handy spatula. That is all. All that remains is to enjoy the result.

A collection of harvestable hemp seeds

What are the cannabis grinders
Despite the wide range offered by sellers of accessories, the basis of their classification is simple:

According to the type (shape) of the cutting elements (teeth, blades) distinguish diamond-shaped, pyramidal and clove-shaped grinders. The best are considered to be the crushers with diamond-shaped blades. Pyramidal blades are in second place. Nail blades are the least effective.

By design features (number of sections) – simple and complex grinders. Simple ones consist of one compartment with blades. Complex ones have from 2 to 6 compartments – for shredding with teeth, scattering into fractions, collecting kif.

There are also advanced models that even help you load the shredded stuff into a smoking device or paper for self-curling.

According to the type of operation – manual and electric (powered from batteries or mains) or universal.

According to material – metal (the most durable), plastic (light, well-washed but the wear and tear is faster), wood (the best ecowork but it wears quickly and absorbs flavors). There are also grinders made of stone (usually an exclusive option).

What to replace the Grinder for grass
You can, in principle, do without a special grinder, if you really want to save money. But is it worth it? Let’s find out. However, sometimes the device may simply not be at hand. In this case, it is worth knowing what to replace the grinder for hemp.

You can buy the so-called grinder card. This is a thin steel plate in the form of a plastic bank card with a grid-grinder. It is convenient to carry in a cardholder or pocket, using it when necessary.

You can also replace the standard crusher with a special chopping knife, such as a Japanese knife with two handles and a curved blade “Kamikaze”. Of course, in this case you will need a cutting board or a separate container where the chopping will take place.

A blender, coffee grinder, or even a spice mill can also be adapted to the crusher. There are also special scissors with several pairs of blades. Again, you will need some kind of base or container, where the crushed mass will be poured.

Marijuana buds in glass jars on wooden background

You can make a grinder for herbs with your own hands from wood. A cylindrical box consisting of two halves is made of a wooden workpiece. In the role of blades will act as nails. It will be necessary to mark and place the nails both in the upper and lower halves, but so that when scrolling the lid, the blades do not interfere with each other.

How to Care for a Grinder for Grass
Marijuana is valuable trichomes (kif) and resin, which will inevitably accumulate on the surfaces of the device, and it will sooner or later become dirty and sticky, covered with dried resin. Therefore, the grinder needs care, which consists in periodic cleaning. It is necessary to disassemble the device and wipe its sticky parts with alcohol (isopropyl alcohol is better) with salt, i.e. to do the same thing with bongs.

The best option, of course, would be to use a special cannabis grinder cleaner such as Bio Grinder Cleaner or Clean Mill. They are suitable for the safe and effective care of crushers of all materials. A small brush with stiff bristles is good for cleaning nets and chambers, if not a special one, then a regular toothbrush. If the resin does not come off so easily, the disassembled grinder should be placed in the freezer. After hardening, the resin will be much easier to remove.

So, a marijuana grinder is not a whim and not a waste of money, but a small investment in essential comfort and increased enjoyment and use of your favorite stuff.