Help in choosing a cannabis variety

Help in choosing a cannabis variety

Many indore growers cannot afford to install spacious grow boxes at home and execute ohio medical marijuana card. Often you have to make do with a very modest size. It is not easy to find a variety that works well and gives the grower a good harvest.

Let’s take for example the popular size 60×60 cm grow box, which is about 50 cm deep. The volume is small. Even two plants there will be cramped. What variety to choose, so that both the harvest was not bad, and the bush itself – compact and not high?

Experienced growers note that autoflowering varieties of marijuana are best suited for such conditions, as well as varieties with a predominant indica. The dwarf varieties of the “ryder” family, bred by the Canadian company Joint Doctor, have a small growth:

The indica-dominant Lowryder #2 autoflower is called a maturity champion. It transitions to color at 6 weeks of growth, and can be harvested 9 weeks after sprouting.
Sativa-dominant Chronic Ryder autoflower is praised for its resistance, survivability and yield. The flowering period lasts about 6 weeks. Because of its faint scent during flowering, it is well suited for houseplanting and may not need air filtration at all.
The balanced indica-dominant Easy Ryder hybrid is a descendant of the popular AK47 and has an incredibly pungent aroma during flowering.
The indica-dominant autoflower Diesel Ryder is considered unpretentious and matures very quickly. However, during flowering it spreads a strong aroma of petroleum products, which only powerful filters can cope with.
Varieties for the home mini-greenhouse are also described in the article Stealth Grower varieties:

Joint Doctor’s Betty Boo variety exists in both regular and feminized versions and has virtually no odor during flowering.
Black Jack Auto from the Spanish Sweet Seeds is one of the highest yielding autoflowering varieties, yielding almost as much as photoperiodic plants.
The Pineapple Express variety from Barney’s Farm is indica, but has an interesting, garden-like effect.

Experienced growers with growth control techniques believe that almost any variety can be grown and made to bear fruit in a small grow box. The following methods can be used for this purpose:

The SCROG method will help keep plants that have a high growth potential from growing quickly and powerfully.
The SOG method will help to cultivate as many plants as possible in a small box.
Cloning will help to produce a dwarf clone of a normally tall variety. To do this, the clone must be transferred to flowering immediately after rooting, without allowing it to finish the vegetative stage.
Hydroponics will help to place the roots of the plant in a convenient direction for the grower and save space by not having a large pot of potting soil.